Romania is celebrating the Ia Day on June 24. IA is the traditional Romanian blouse that inspired Henri Matisse, whose painting inspired the creation of Ia Day and Cultural Fashion Day, a beautiful story!

La Blouse Roumaine and Henri Matisse

The Universal Day of the Romanian Blouse is a celebration of the traditional Romanian blouse (ia) uniting around the globe all those who cherish Romania and its folk costume. Coordinated by the online community La Blouse Roumaine, the day, first marked in 2013, has become a truly global event celebrated on six continents, in over 50 countries, 109 cities, and through over 200 events. The Universal Day of the Romanian Blouse has rekindled the interest and appreciation for the authentic Romanian folk art and creations, and for those who make them, and after more than 25 years since the fall of the communist regime, this movement has contributed decisively to the rebirth and a renewed interest in traditional Romanian culture.

“La blouse roumaine“ a story started by Matisse

The Romanian blouse the most fashionable item

The Universal Day of the Romanian Blouse

Universal Day of Ia, landmark of Romanian spirituality, marked in Romanian Cultural Institute’s network of representatives

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