Happy Birthday to the Louvre Museum!

The Louvre Museum celebrates its 227th birthday today!

In 1765, the words of the Encyclopedia of Diderot marked the need to institute a great museum for the Homeland: “In the midday part, we can place all the king’s paintings, which are currently piled and confused together in storage space where no one enjoys it.” Twenty-eight years later, on August 10, 1793, the Louvre Museum is inaugurated under the name “Museum central des Arts”.


The origin of the Louvre dates back to the 1200s. Once a royal residence, it became a museum in 1793 during the French Revolution and is now home to artworks dating from the 7th millennium BC to the 1850s. The collections are displayed on 5 levels, in 3 interconnecting wings named after three prominent figures in French history: Richelieu (1585-1642), chief minister of King Louis XIII, Sully (1559-1641), chief minister of King Henry IV, and Denon (1747-1825), first director of the Musée du Louvre.

In which wing can you find the Grande Galerie?

History of the Louvre

Tales of the Museum

The origin of the name Louvre

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