Virtual Celebration of Mind 2020

Each October, people gather around the world, in small and large groups, for Celebration of Mind events. These celebrate the legacy of Martin Gardner (1914-2010), a prolific non-fiction writer who turned on several generations to the joys of mathematics and rational thinking. His interests were very broad, and included the works of Lewis Carroll, close-up magic, and philosophy. 

This year is the 10th anniversary of Celebration of Mind! Gathering 4 Gardner is hosting a virtual Celebration of Mind and we are inviting everyone who loves Alice in Wonderland, brainteasers, puzzles, the math of fiber arts, paper fun, skepticism, and magic of all types to join us. This week-long event includes videos, live presentations and Q&A sessions for the curious of all ages.

The Best Friend Mathematics Ever Had

G4G’s Celebration of Mind 2020

Math Holidays to Celebrate at School

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