International Children’s Book Day 2021

The music of words

Since 1967, on April 2nd, coinciding with the birth date of the Danish writer Hans Christian Andersen, the IBBY has promoted the celebration of the International Children’s Book Day in order to promote good children and young adult books and reading.

Every year, a different country of the IBBY has the opportunity to be the international sponsor of Children’s Book Day and selects a writer and a renowned illustrator from their country to develop the message addressed to all the children of around the globe and the poster that will be distributed around the world. This celebration is promoted in libraries, schools, bookstores, etc.

This year it is the United States section (USBBY), the one to spread the message of the writer Margarita Engle (with the title “The Music of Words”), illustrated by Roger Mello. Engle is a Cuban-American poet who has won numerous awards for her children’s books.

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