World Snowman Day

Today is World Day of Snowman! Until the 19th century, snowmen were depicted with grim and threatening expressions, unlike the friendly snowballs we see nowadays. Snowmen and snowwomen play an important role in winter traditions in many cultures worldwide.

The date of the World Day of Snowman on January 18 is inspired by a snowman’s shape. The 1 resembles his stick and the figure 8 looks just like a snowman. And, of course, January is usually cold enough to mark such an occasion!

Started in 2010 by Cornelius Graetz – a German who is a snowman fan in a big way, with the world’s biggest collection of model snowmen – World Snowman Day aims to celebrate all that is wonderful about snowmen.

Happy World Snowman Day!

aWorld2Celebrate: Happy World Day of Snowman! Postcard

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